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Hop into Health

This is a podcast designed to educate and inspire people to lead passionate, happy, healthy lives.

To lead an extra-ordinary life! 

One that is driven with thought, joy, love and peace. 

The content of these podcasts are general in natural. Any changes to your current health care plan should be done under the supervision of a health care provider. Sam Beau Patrick does not assume any responsibility nor damages for advice given nor undertaken.

Mar 24, 2019

Mona is a Gold Coast resident who has been actively involved with the community since her children were young.

Seeing gaps in the health care system, Mona qualified as a nutritionist and naturopath and for the last 20 years has been seeing clients, working with council organising talks for the public and promoting nutrition in schools.

Wanting to see health a part of policy Mona is running for Gold Coast council in 2020.

A mother of three, a lobbiest for health and an all round nice lady, Mona talks candidly with me about legalising CBD in Australia, the dropping of private health insurance rebates and more.

Her vegan proteins are being launched end of March 2019.


Her book, the Lunch Box Revolution can be purchased from her website.


Mona Hecke 2020