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Hop into Health

This is a podcast designed to educate and inspire people to lead passionate, happy, healthy lives.

To lead an extra-ordinary life! 

One that is driven with thought, joy, love and peace. 

The content of these podcasts are general in natural. Any changes to your current health care plan should be done under the supervision of a health care provider. Sam Beau Patrick does not assume any responsibility nor damages for advice given nor undertaken.

Dec 8, 2022

Today we chat with Julian Gillespie former Barrister.

He discusses the current issues in Australia from a moral and legal perspective.

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Nov 29, 2022

In this podcast we chat with sitting LNP Senator Gerard Rennick about all things topical.

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As always these podcasts are for entertainment purposes only 

Nov 26, 2022

In this EPIC series, we chat with current sitting Senator Gerard Rennick about multiple topics of the day.

This is audio only but in time will be upgraded to include the zoom. 

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This is for entertainment purposes only and does not represent the views or opinions of the...

May 2, 2019

With more women having breast augmentation, the safety and health issues are only coming to the front now.

With no global data collection centre, the real numbers of illness due to breast implants is unknown. 

Implants can leak, rupture, create a specific type of cancer and lower someone's immunity. Find out more in...

Mar 29, 2019

Growing up in modern day Brazil brought the modern traps of “western living.” During his teens Ronaldo started eating take away foods before finding himself infront of a paediatrician with a weight issue. Adamant to reverse the weight Ronaldo and his mum decided to stop sugar in their diet, as well as reduce...