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Hop into Health

This is a podcast designed to educate and inspire people to lead passionate, happy, healthy lives.

To lead an extra-ordinary life! 

One that is driven with thought, joy, love and peace. 

The content of these podcasts are general in natural. Any changes to your current health care plan should be done under the supervision of a health care provider. Sam Beau Patrick does not assume any responsibility nor damages for advice given nor undertaken.

Apr 11, 2019

Larissa Rose is a go-get-them lady who is creating a renegade of environment conscious kids!

Aside from her passions in schools and as direct of Glowing Green Australia, she also is the Managing director of QLD Renewable Fuels Association.

Both roles see her regularly lobbying for policy change with renewable bio fuels as the obvious safe step into protecting many industries but also the planet.

Discover more about Larissa, an incredibly passionate and smart lady, who is also a mum of three. We discuss bio fuels, what they offer our future and how you can get involved.